Laboratory Tumbler

Mineral Process Control's laboratory tumbler has been designed and built for simple and efficient operation. Power requirements are 415VAC, 50HZ. 10A. Suitable for a 0.37kw 3 phase motor.

Each tumbler has a 60 x 1L jar capacity. The 60 jars are held in place in 4 plastic tote trays each with a capacity of 15 jars.

Each side of the tumbler holds two such tote trays. The two tote trays are held in place by the locking arm, which is in turn secured by a small "R" clip.

The tumbler will only operate when the front door is closed.

Load the tumbler one side at a time. When the first side is loaded and secured, close the door and press the green start button and wait for the carousel to turn. Press the red stop button when the carousel is in position to unload/load the other side.

Tumbling is preferred to rolling bottle agitation for cyanide leaching because it is more active. This allows for more efficient and faster leaching.

Download PDF Information Sheet Here